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…the name evokes historical significance, achievement in the arts and sciences, struggle and tragedy, vision and triumph – devout, resolute, inspirational and revolutionary – a country and a people inextricably linked to the destiny of civilization for the past millennium.

To the equine world, Poland is more than just a pivotal country in Central Europe – it is an essential entity in the history of the horse, a nation of accomplished horsemen and horsewomen whose profound influence and extensive impact resounds with significance around the globe.

The Arabian horse is the epicenter of all things equine in Poland – for nearly seven centuries, the Arabian horse has been bred with vision and foresight by Polish horsemen of legendary acclaim. The incomparable list of accomplishments profess the profound reality – nowhere outside the homeland has the Arabian horse thrived nor achieved the level of fame and influence as it has in Poland.

Mares on their way out to pasture

Mares on their way out to pasture

The tradition of excellence that defines Poland is most fully realized in the nearly 200-year-old breeding program of the State Studs. The depth and breadth of quality within the broodmare bands is truly astounding – to enjoy generations of success in one visit is the privilege of a lifetime. Walking amongst the mares and foals, reaching out to stroke an admired stallion, turning the corner in the spacious, improbably peaceful stables to discover a beloved old friend or a “take–your–breath-away” icon, the omniscient serenity in the soft dark eyes of the venerated matron, the effervescent energy of the young filly with a destiny of greatness to fulfill – these are the moments that forever change you, moments that inspire you to be and to do more…

It is our distinct pleasure to invite you to attend the 3rd Arabian Insights Breeders Tour to Poland. It is both an honour and a privilege for the State Studs of Poland – Janow Podlaski, Michalow, and Bialka – to extend an open invitation to worldwide breeders, under the guidance of your tour hosts: Arabian Insights Ambassadors Scott Benjamin & Anette Mattsson.

Arabian Insights Breeders Tours offer a one-of-a-kind experience to go behind the scenes of the world’s leading Arabian breeding programs. Each tour guest will have the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with the horses, to see generations of dam families and sire lines together, and to interact with and learn from the breeders who have dedicated their lives to the Arabian horse. Each evening, your hosts will guide participants through the daily Insights Forum, an open discussion during which the horses will be evaluated and discussed, photos and videos reviewed, questions answered and knowledge gained as you begin to discover the inherent strengths, qualities and characteristics of not only the horses, but the breeding vision that guides the programs forward.

So much more than just a trip to see the famous Arabian horses of Poland, Arabian Insights Breeders Tour is the ultimate breeder’s workshop. Expect to sharpen your eye in assessing Arabian quality, type and conformation, hone your knowledge and awareness of how desired traits and characteristics are inherited and successfully transmitted from generation to generation, and broaden your understanding of pedigrees and the significance of the horses that comprise the heritage of the modern breed.

It is the ultimate aim of Arabian Insights Breeders Tour to empower breeders with knowledge and understanding of, as well as appreciation for, the science, art and philosophy of Arabian horse breeding, regardless of strain or discipline.

Through exposure to the horses, open access to breeders and breeding programs, in-depth evaluation of phenotypes and genotypes, hands-on education, and acquisition of practical knowledge and proven breeding strategies, it is the objective of your hosts that each and every one will be inspired and empowered to strive for new standards of excellence in the breeding of the Arabian horse.

Be a part of it all – embrace the history and the tradition, discover insights into successful breeding principles, be inspired by world-class Arabian horses, enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship, share in the excitement and the significance of these standard-setting breeding programs as they chart the destiny of the Arabian breed.

Expect excellence – expect the experience of a lifetime.


3500 euro  (1000 euro deposit due on booking)
Includes 13 nights hotel, all breakfast and lunches, most dinners, plus bus transportation between all locations on the tour.
Special early booking incentive: 10% discount if booked before 29 February 2016


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The tour is limited to 20 people.

Disclaimer: The Ambassadors are not sale agents for any of the horses or the breeding programs encompassed within the tours. Should any guest wish to inquire about the possibility of buying or leasing a horse from the breeding programs visited, each Ambassador is professionally willing and able to act on their behalf as Agent. The individual retention of an Agent remains the choice of each guest.

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